Mary’s Wish

Mary, a patient of Horizon, was also the girlfriend of a former Horizon patient, John. Mary and John met at an assisted living facility where their special friendship flourished. John, who planted the rose gardens at O’Malley’s on the Gonzaga University campus, would  walk there with Mary,  bring his clippers and pick her roses. Those moments became cherished memories when John got cancer and was no longer able to walk with his “Sweetie” among the roes.  While John was being cared for on Horizon’s hospice services, Mary continued to visit, bringing him cookies and other treats. They could be found watching TV and holding hands. Their special relationship remained until John’s passing. Recognizing the loss to Mary of her dear companion, John’s family arranged to have a dozen long stem roses sent monthly to Mary on behalf of John for the year following his passing.

It was not long after that Mary herself needed hospice services.  She was introduced to volunteer Andrea who spent time during the visits painting her nails, bringing her treats, and just being a friend.  During one of Andrea’s visits, she learned that Mary had a “bucket list” wish.  She wanted to see the flowers that her beloved John had planted, one last time.  Andrea, with the help of the Volunteer staff at Horizon helped to make her wish come true.  Mary was treated to  lunch and a day touring the flowers on the Gonzaga campus with her volunteer, Andrea.  

Mary was so grateful for the opportunity to once again walk where she had walked with her love in the days past.  Andrea had the joy of knowing that, with a little effort, she was able to help make one of Mary’s last days one of her most cherished.  With kindness, and a little time and effort, we are honored to help our patients live life to the fullest, one day at a time.  

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