Gone Fishing


John was a fisherman who dreamed about reeling in the big one. Unfortunately, a serious illness kept him from spending any time on his beloved hobby.  Then the situation took a turn for the worse; he learned his illness would take his life.  John longed for one more chance to work with bait and hook.  Thanks to some creative thinking and strong advocacy, he got that chance.

Fishing season was over, meaning no one would have the opportunity to fish for many months. John believed this obstacle would prevent him from realizing his dream.  Thankfully, Evelyn, who works in our volunteer department, took our vision  to help people live life to the fullest, one day at a time,” seriously.

With that determined mindset and a few phone calls, John’s dream started taking shape.  Evelyn knew a Fish and Game Ranger who decided to get involved.  His determination was that, while fishing season was officially over, lakes still needed to be sampled by fish and game officials.  Perhaps it was divine intervention, but it turns out they needed help with this sample. John was ecstatic as he sat in the wheelchair, hooked up to his oxygen unit, joyfully reeling in fish that miraculous day.

The pictures are heartwarming, the story is inspiring but the satisfaction of knowing that one last wish was fulfilled – as they say- is priceless.

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